Can 301 Redirect help to remove Google penalty?

301 redirect is the most efficient way for web page redirection. If you have to change site name, page names or move your pages around, it’s the safest option. 301 redirect is a search engine friendly method and it’s not too hard to implement. It can help to preserve your search engine rankings for particular pages. 301 redirect is helpful but how about removing Google penalty by using 301 redirection?

301 Redirect

If you have a site which got penalty by the Big Guy Google, maybe you will think why you don’t redirect the penalized site to another domain that you own to remove the ban and avoid loosing your old traffic. This can be a good idea. Some webmasters used this method and they really could get their old traffic from Google back for a few days but then they realized that the new site got penalty again. Does this method not work? What is the truth behind this?

The reason for getting penalty passed from the old site to the new one is they used the same content for two sites. The same bad quality content will make Google to catch your site and ban it again. The key is you have to fix the problems which make your site got ban. I suppose if you make some fixes to your site, you will not get penalty again like they did. In this case, 301 redirect is really helpful to remove Google penalty.

301 Redirect is also a great way to check what sort of penalty your site got. There are two popular types of penalties: content penalty and link building penalty. If you 301 redirect your banned site to a new one and your new site gets hit with the same penalty after a few days, maybe you have a content penalty. If the new site is penalized very quickly right after the 301 redirection, it is usually a link building penalty. Link building penalty will quickly occur again because you are just passing the same penalized link juice so the new site is just using link juice that is penalized.

I hope some information in this post is helpful for you, specially for people who intend to use 301 Redirect. If you have more helpful information or any comment, please share with us.

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