Auto Twitter tweet with Tweet Old Post WordPress plugin

Twitter can bring some good traffic to your website so most bloggers make tweets everyday. But many bloggers find that Twitter consumes too much their online time that they have to think about giving up tweeting altogether. It’s the same to me. I felt it was a hard and bored work when have to tweet everyday. Now everything has changed since I found the Tweet Old Post WordPress plugin.

Twitter auto tweet

Tweet Old Post helps you tweet your older blog posts to get more traffic from Twitter. It randomly picks your post based on the interval specified by you. As the plugin description, this plugin is designed to promote older blog posts so they won’t be forgotten.

Tweet Old Post helps you save so much time by tweeting your old posts automatically. After using it, maybe you will think you can’t live without it. You will no longer have to worry about tweeting job ever again and only concentrate on answering direct messaged from your followers.

This is an useful plugin to use if you are a WordPress user. It can give your blog plenty of new traffic from Twitter auto pilot. You should try it.

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