Check DoFollow blog with NoDoFollow add-on for Firefox 4

In the previous post How to check NoFollow and DoFollow blog, I introduced the NoDoFollow add-on for Firefox to you. However this plugin does not work on the new Firefox 4. Its author Zacharyfox does not update the add-on frequently. The last update day is August 7, 2008. So how can we check DoFollow blog on Firefox 4? Don’t worry, we still can get the new version of NoDoFollow add-on.

Firefox 4

Jayce from created a new version of NoDoFollow add-on. He changed the add-on installer of Zacharyfox to make it works on Firefox 4.0. The new version is NoDoFollow 1.3. You can download or install it here.

I installed this add-on on my Firefox 4 and it works. This is really a helpful Firefox add-on. Enjoy it! Thank Jayce for the new version!

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12 thoughts on “Check DoFollow blog with NoDoFollow add-on for Firefox 4

  1. Hi Nhut, you saved me from downgrading to 3.6… I went to Joyce’s site first but I couldn’t find the addon there, not sure why… Thanks dude!

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