Factors affect your website Pagerank

Pagerank is a general indicator of how popular your site is and the quality of content on the site. If you see a website with a high pagerank, it means the site has high-quality content and many people love to visit it. Google considers a high pagerank as an authority site. The higher pagerank your site has, the higher chance it will be on the top of Google search result. That is the reason why most webmasters want their site to get high pagerank.

Google Pagerank

To get a high pagerank, I think there are two things you should notice: quality content and quality backlinks. Content is the dominating factor you should pay more attention. Google always loves the sites with unique and quality content. So if you update your site frequently with unique, fresh and quality content then your site will be automatically treated as a valuable site by Google Panda and as the result, it will climb on a better position in the search result.

The second thing that affects your site’s pagerank is backlinks. A high pagerank can be achieved by getting many backlinks from websites which Google considers them as authority sites. Authority sites are sites having quality content and high pagerank. Many webmasters think that authority links are the key for gaining pagerank. It will be more beneficial for your site if you have backlinks from relevant and quality sites.

High pagerank is the thing most webmasters want to get but you can not get it after a night, you have to update your site frequently with quality content, you have to build more and more backlinks day by day. Even after you get a high rank, you have to continue doing that to keep your rank or you will fail the battle. With a high pagerank, people will consider your site as a quality site. However, getting a higher pagerank doesn’t ensure that your site will have higher traffic. Pagerank is not equal to traffic. Pagerank is only one of over hundreds of factors influencing Google’s rankings. You can check that by looking at your Google search result, the top sites on the result do not always have a high pagerank.

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6 thoughts on “Factors affect your website Pagerank

  1. Hi Nhut Le. Thanks for the Blog Post High page rank is very hard to get. I am still working on trying to get my sites moving up in the search engines.

    1. Hi Tim, yes it is not easy to get high pagerank. I’m trying to make this site get a higher rank. I have another site with the pagerank 3 and it takes about 2 years to get it.

  2. hey hi everyone..
    get google page rank is very hard and long a way as said Nhut Le..
    You have to keep write and write or add some good contents in your web site and ofcourse get nice qualty backlinks form out or inside website !!
    İnside backlinks are first class backlinks in web world. That means search enginees looks your web site like this ” oh yeah this website is working on hard, let we check and visit often ”
    try it and you will see whats difference..;) bye

  3. Hi Nhut,

    I had one of my sites climb from pr1 to pr 4 last month. But I was surprised to see it with pr2 this morning. I thought Google updates PRs within 3 months or so? Anyways, this is really helpful. I just have to work hard with my sites now. Thanks!

    1. Hi Cass,

      Google updates their PR system within 3 or 4 months. I hope you will make your site climb to the PR 4 again or even more 🙂

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