How to auto replace a part of file names

I have many mp3 files of a favorite singer in my music folder. The problem is that the mp3 names begin with the singer’s name. This leads to many disadvantages in finding a song. You can’t use the keyboard to locate the song because all the names start with a same letter. I want to remove singer’s name from my mp3s. I found a tiny tool which is very helpful to do the job.

1-4a Rename

The tool is 1-4a Rename. It is easy to use and run very fast. 1-4a Rename is free. You can replace a part of file names, change whole names or change extensions of them.

You don’t need to install the software to run it. 1-4a Rename has to operation mode: Expert Mode and Basic Mode. I think you should use the Basic Mode if you’re not an advanced computer user. You can download it here.

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