When you write comment on a friend’s photo or have a new friend, Facebook will display these activities on your profile’s wall. Facebook uses the “RECENT ACTIVITY” to display all of the recent activities you did including writing comment on a photo or a link, posting something on a friend’s wall, joining a fan page, changing your relationship status… Sometimes you don’t want to show these information on your profile because of some private reasons or you just want to clean your wall. But how to do that? I am going to tell you about it below.

It’s really easy to hide your Facebook recent activities. In the RECENT ACTIVITY, you click on the X button on the right of the activity link which you want to hide, it will show you the option to hide all links of that activity. For example, if you want to hide your friending activity, you will click on the X button of any friending activity link, then choose “Hide all friending activity”. To hide other activities you can do the same.

Hide Facebook recent activities

Hiding your recent activities is really simple. But how to unhide them? Many people don’t know how to unhide them because they can’t find it the settings. However, unhiding your recent activities is also simple as hiding them. Go to your profile page, scroll down until you reach the end of the page (when there are no more to display), you will see two links. On the left is the “Older Posts” and on the right is the “Edit Options”. Now click on the “Edit Options” link, it will show you the list of your hidden activities. Just remove them from the list to unhide them.

Unhide Facebook recent activities

They are just simple Facebook tips. I hope they will solve your problem and save you a lot of time.