Today I received an email which looked like from Paypal saying that my Paypal account had been limited: “Dear PayPal Member: Attention! Your PayPal account has been limited!”. The reason it gave me is : “Our system detected unusual charges to a credit card linked to your PayPal account”. This is the email I received.

Scam email stealing Paypal account

At first I was worried a bit but then I found something strange about the email. I had just logged in my Paypal account to withdraw money to my bank account before I checked my emails. Everything was done successfully. There was no notification from Paypal about the limitation. The email also had been sent before I logged in my account to make the withdrawal. So I thought it might be a scam. I checked the Click here to activate your account URL in the email and here is the actual link:

The link actually goes to This is really a faked email trying to steal my Paypal account so I deleted it without hesitation.

I hope other people who are in the scammer’s email list can find this email is scam too. The experience I want to share in this post is if you receive any email related to your financial or sensitive information, you should carefully read and check it before doing what the email says or you will be a victim of scammers.