Why can’t most people really make money online?

Most of us want to make money online because we see the others who can make thousands of dollars per month. That is so great for an online business. We start our working from home campaign with the hope one day we can get similar income. However, it is not as easy as we think and we usually get failures at the beginning, our first failures in making money online. Many people feel disappointed or even give up. To succeed in making money online, it requires many factors that we must have. So what are the reasons why most people can’t really make money online?

Make money online

I have been thinking much about how other people can make so much money online. I have been also thinking about the reason why I’m not making as much money as I’d like to or why many people can succeed in their online business while the others can’t. At last I came to a conclusion. To me, I think there are some obstacles that prevent us from success and I’m going to tell about them below.


Procrastination is the father of failure. Most people, specially newbies, earn very little or even never earn a dime online because they are stuck on reading about making money online instead of actually doing it and taking action. Reading and thinking are very important to prepare a good knowledge before we act. However, we should not spend much time on them. Don’t fear or hesitate to take action, best experience can only be achieved by practicing.


This is one of the most common reasons which leads us to failures in our online business. Laziness often appears when we don’t want to put much effort in the work or we just don’t have much time for it. Most of newbies have to work their daily jobs to sustain themselves during the beginning time, which can lead to laziness and procrastination due to over-working. It is really hard to get started when we still have to work elsewhere for something else. To succeed in online business, we must seriously see it as a real job. We have to spend much time and put much effort into it, there is no place for laziness.


No one wants to get failure when doing something, but we have to accept that failure is a part of our life. Many people are daunted by failures or little income when they get started. Some of them decide to give up, the others continue their fight and later many of them begin to get success. Patience is very important. The start is always hard but don’t give up. You are not alone, there are many other people who have been getting failure like you. Failure is experience.

Lack of direction

To begin the journey, we have to read, read and read to get as much knowledge as possible. However, most of us are stuck in massive and different information about this topic. Looking at this from a newbie perspective, our world is so massive and there are so many methods and techniques to read and try. We don’t know where to get start and what we should do next. It is better if there is someone who can teach us the most basic techniques and give us direction on how to go about making the money.

Little investment

Little investment is one of the things which prevents people from success. There are many ways to get started from zero. However, if we have some investments at the beginning, it will be easier and help us save a lot of time. It is always better if we have a slight investment of at least a domain and a hosting. If we have more investments and we use it in the right way, it will be easier for us to get off the ground.

The above are some obstacles I think that prevent people from making money online. If you have any other reasons or ideas, please share with us.

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5 thoughts on “Why can’t most people really make money online?

  1. This is a great post but I also think some people do not make money online simply because they just don’t know what they are doing. There is really no “secret” formula to making money online, it’s alot of trial and error which most people just do not know how to execute.

  2. Hey Nhut le you have shared the great points over here. In order to make money online successfully the investment of time matters a lot, many bloggers fail to make money online because they do not at all give time to their blogs. So everyone who wants to earn money from his or her blog must give enough time to blogging in order to make a good amount of money online.

  3. I do really like this article. I agree 100%. The key for success is to be patient, good content to your site and high PR backlinks. It take time to reach success but at the end you will see the income. Thanks for the info. Great job.

  4. Nice article. Many bloggers do not do enough research to understand their niche. They need to understand what is the competetion. What differences the different websites are promotiung, not just similarities in their niche. They need to invest time to identify, the source of information. Need to find enough source of content which is reliable and thought provoking. Should have one opinions on different topics of the niche. Without much of kind of research, the blogs wont be able to make money.

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