Play browser game and exchange virtual money for real money

In previous months, I was so busy with my work and study so I could not write a lot. This week I have some days off hence I can write again. Some days off give me much free time to do what I like. However having much free time sometime makes me feel bored. This morning I had a chat with a friend, he said that he would tell me something which I might interested in. He recommended me to play a computer game when I might feel bored. The special thing about this game is that I can withdraw the virtual money in the game to real money. The game’s name is ANNO1777.

ANNO1777 game

ANNO1777 is an online game whose registration is completely free. It is a browser game so you don’t need to download anything. It is easy to register an account and play because it work within a website. ANNO1777 differs from the other browser games for some of its specific functions. This game simulates an economic, political and military system,just like what we see in our real world. When joining the game, you are a citizen of the seventeenth century who fights on all levels to advance the social hierarchy. You can open businesses, become governor or you can build a military empire.

The special thing of ANNO1777 is “Unlike other games of this type, the virtual money from ANNO1777 can be exchanged for real money and vice versa. In other words, a financial success in the virtual world of the game becomes a financial success in the real world”. That is the thing which attracts many gamers. The minimum amount to withdraw your money is 10 Euro. Payment is done via Paypal or Wire.

Most users of ANNO1777 are from Romania. There are many people who got real money from this game. Some people withdraw hundreds or even thousands of euros each month. Though I just want to play this game for fun, may be I can earn some money for a cup of coffee 🙂 I’m testing the game and I hope I can have some tips playing it. If I find some tips helpful, I will create another post to let you know. You can read more information about this game on ANNO1777’s homepage. Good luck and have fun with the game!

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  1. anno1777 is a great game, another game i play for free and make some extra cash is dungeons&treasures. it is like playing a RPG game, do daily dungeons and open chests for gold and at the beginning of the next month, the gold gets turned into cash. the rate is usually $0.25 to $0.29 per 100k gold.

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