Sell your adult ad spot with JuicyAds

If you have an adult website with quality traffic and you want to make money with it, JuicyAds is the right network for you. Especially, JuicyAds is a perfect place to sell adult ad spots on your site.

Sell you adult ad spot with JuicyAds

Why do I recommend JuicyAds to sell adult ad spaces? There are many popular adult advertising networks in the market such as Ero Advertising, PlugRush or ExoClick, but I think JuicyAds is the best place to sell direct ads because they specialize in direct sell/buy ads on specific websites. There are many advertisers in the network who are willing to buy your ad spot and buy again each month if the traffic is good.

All ad spots have a fixed price that is pre-paid by advertisers, regardless of how many clicks or impressions the placed ad will receive. You can easily set the price for it with a 7-Day, 14-Day, or 30-Day placement. If your ad spot has not been bought by an advertiser, don’t worry, JuicyAds will display Run of Network (RON) ads so you can earn money with their PPC campaigns.

My friend and I did some tests on his website in a month. Two ad spots on the site were sold. He was really amazed about that. By using JuicyAds on his high quality traffic website, he can earn more money now by selling direct ads.

There are many other advantages of JuicyAds. If you have an adult website, you can give it a try and test it yourself. But what I want to tell in this post is JuicyAds is the best place to sell your adult ad spot.

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