If you don’t have any idea about what NoFollow and DoFollow are, please read this first. To get effectively backlinks from blog comments, you should check whether a blog allows DoFollow attribute or not before placing your comments. Posting comments on a blog with NoFollow means nothing so make sure you post your comments on a DoFollow blog. But how to know if a blog have DoFollow or NoFollow?

Check NoFollow and DoFollow blog

There is an easy way to check NoFollow and DoFollow blog using Firefox and its add-on. The addon’s name is NoDoFollow. You just have to download the add-on and install it for Firefox and restart the browser. Now each time you want to check whether a blog is DoFollow or NoFollow, just right click on any part of it and click NoDoFollow. All the NoFollow links then turn RED and the DoFollow links turn BLUE or GREY. I’m using Firefox 3.6.13 and the DoFollow links are grey. Some others say their Firefoxes show blue DoFollow links.

I hope you enjoy this helpful tool to check for NoFollow and DoFollow blog and build effectively backlinks.