Blog commenting is one of the effective ways in SEO to get backlinks to your blog. You can see how to get backlinks from blog comments effectively to get helpful information. In this post, I’m going to talk about the DoFollow and NoFollow attributes of a link. You should check these attributes when putting comments on a blog.

DoFollow, NoFollow, Backlinks

NoFollow is an attribute of a link (hyperlink). A link with NoFollow tells the search engines NOT TO follow it to any other websites. This means not good for getting backlinks and SEO. The NoFollow attribute was introduced in 2005 to discourage comment spam. By default, WordPress blogs use a rel=”nofollow” attribute.

DoFollow is an attribute against NoFollow. A link with DoFollow tells the search engines TO follow it to any other websites. This is good for getting backlinks. Comments that contain DoFollow links back to the poster are counted as backlinks for their sites.

Now you know what DoFollow and NoFollow are. If you want to get backlinks from blog commenting, you should post your comments on blogs which allow DoFollow attribute. You should check whether a blog allows DoFollow attribute or not before placing comments. Posting comments on a blog with NoFollow means nothing.

If you want people placing comments on your blog, it should allow DoFollow too. Some visitors perhaps will not know what that means, but the others will appreciate it and they will leave comments frequently when you have new posts. If you are a WordPress user, you can use plugin to disable the default NoFollow and enable the DoFollow. There is an caution that your website with DoFollow will be the target of comment spam.