Getting backlinks from comments is an important part of SEO. Placing comments on other blogs do not only increase your site pagerank but also give you some good traffic. But how to find blogs to comment?

Blog search

The first method you can use is playing with search engines. Search engines are always useful tools to find blogs. Google is the best out there and you can use Google Blog Search to focus on blogs only. Just give it the keyword phrase related to your niche, Google will return the list of blogs for you. Using search engines to find blog, you need to have an open mind to figure out many topics related to your site niche to create the keyword phrases.

You can also find blogs with the help of KeywordLuv, just use the keyword phrase keywordluv “put your niche keywords here”. It will show all the sites related to your niche that are running KeywordLuv. This is an example: keywordluv “buy used car”. Remember to use the quotes around your keywords.

The second method you can use to find blogs is following links shared on Twitter. People post millions of tweets per day on Twitter. This is a good source to find blogs for backlinks.

Another method you can try is finding blogs in blog/website directories. The advantage of this method is that directories divide blogs into categories. You can find blogs related to your niche easily.

The last method I want to mention is using software tools. There are many tools out there that can help you find blogs easily. Comment Kahuna is an example. You can find more information on its homepage.

These are some information about how to find blogs for comment backlinks. I hope this post is helpful for you. If you have other methods, please share them here.