Spammers can spam your blogger auto blog

I created a post on how to create a blogger auto blog. As mentioned in that post, to create posts for your autoblog, you must go to and subscribe to all the feeds you want to have posts. Then you forward all emails to your blogger email posting address.

Spam blogger autoblog

A post is created when there is an email sent to your email posting address. That means everyone can make posts on your auto blog if they know your email posting address and send emails to it. Spammers can use this information to spam your blog. Most people who make auto blogs want them to run on “auto mode” that means setting blogger to publish a post when there is an email sent to the posting email but don’t save incoming email as draft. Spammers will place a huge amount of spam posts on autoblogs by using this method. So keep your email posting address safely. But how can they know your email posting address?

As I explained on how to view blogger posting address email, the verification email will be created as a post on your autoblog. Below is a post of confirmation email when forwarding google email to your email posting address. It looks something like this: has requested to automatically forward mail to your email address
Confirmation code: xxxxxx

To allow to automatically forward mail to your address, please click the link below to confirm the request:

If you click the link and it appears to be broken, please copy and paste it into a new browser window. If you aren’t able to access the link, you can send the confirmation code xxxxxx to

Thanks for using Gmail!

The Gmail Team

If you do not approve of this request, no further action is required. cannot automatically forward messages to your email address unless you confirm the request by clicking the link above. If you accidentally clicked the link, but you do not want to allow to automatically forward messages to your address, click this link to cancel this verification:

To learn more about why you might have received this message, please visit:

Please do not respond to this message. If you’d like to contact the Team, please log in to your account and click ‘Help’ at the top of any page. Then, click ‘Contact Us’ along the bottom of the Help Center.

And this is the footprint of Feed My Inbox:

This email was sent to Create an Account
Don’t want to receive this feed any longer? Unsubscribe here
This email was carefully delivered by Feed My Inbox. 230 Franklin Road Suite 814 Franklin, TN 37064

After verifying your email, you should delete that post as soon as posible. Some bloggers don’t even delete the confirmed email posts so their feeded emails are visible to public. Spammers can do some search techniques or use scan tools to collect your emails easily. To save your blog from spammers, remember to keep your emails carefully. You should change your emails and your email posting address if you think they are on spammer files.

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