TeraCopy helps you copy your files

If you usually work with file copy operations, TeraCopy is a helpful tool for you. It is really helpful specially when you copy big files. TeraCopy help me so much when I copy my videos and other files. I can save my time and get rid of many errors that might occur.


TeraCopy provides you many excellent functions to help you in your copy task. The feature which I like best is pausing and resuming. You can pause and resume the file transfers. You can decide to pause the copy process at any time to free up system resources. On the other hand, you can continue the copy process with a single click. TeraCopy also copies your files faster than Window explorer copy and move functions.

TeraCopy is a product of Code Sector. It has two versions: free and pro version. There are other interesting features of TeraCopy you will love. You can read more information about TeraCopy and download it at its homepage.

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