How to view blogger posting address email?

After reading my post about how to create a blogger auto blog, many friends send me emails saying that they are so interested in that post. They also give me some questions and suggestions. Thanks all, my friends!

One of the questions many webmasters ask me is how to view the verification email that is sent to the Email Posting Address. When creating a blogger auto blog there is a step “Forward all emails to your email posting address”. Email Posting Address is the email created when you enable email posting function of your blogger blog. You have to forward all of the emails that you use to get feeds from other sites to this email posting address to make posts.

Email Posting Address Verification

The problem is some email providers such as Google mail (Gmail) need verification when you want to forward your emails to another address. They send an verification email to your destination email, in our case that is the Email Posting Address. So, how can we read that verification email? The answer is quite simple. You can find the verification email in your “Edit Posts” section of your blogger account. Because you set your blog to make post when there is an email sent to your email posting address. The verification email will be a post too. When you access your “Edit Posts” section, you can view the verification link by either select to edit or view that post. I hope this helpful. Good luck!

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