Why should your affiliate links be “NoFollow”?

Many webmasters don’t pay much attention at DoFollow or NoFollow links on their websites. They might think these link attributes are not important or it is very hard to understand what they are. If you are one of them, you should change your mind or you may be penalized by Google.

What are DoFollow and NoFollow links?

To help you have a general view of what DoFollow and NoFollow links are, I am going to explain them in a simple way. When a link is DoFollow, the page which it points to will receive one point from Google. The more DoFollow links point to a page the more points it will have. If a page has many points which means many other pages link to it, Google will think that this must be a high quality page. They will put it higher in their SERPs.

When a link is set as NoFollow, it tells Google not to give any point for the page which it points to. Google will think that it may be an affiliate link or the destination page is not much relative to the current page content. Google will ignore the link for SEO purposes and not count it.

Why should your affiliate links be NoFollow?

Why should affiliate links be NoFollow?

When an affiliate link is set as DoFollow, Google can automatically find the link and will think you are doing spam links. They will penalize you and the merchant’s page because you are abusing their paid link policy.

The wise choice is to set your affiliate links to NoFollow. It helps your site not be penalized by Google. It also helps your merchants’ SEO. They won’t be penalized for having paid links.

How to set your links as NoFollow?

Updating your links to NoFollow is easy and only takes a few seconds per link. Simply add the rel=”nofollow” attribute to your links. A link with NoFollow attribute will look like this:

<a href="http://www.google.com" rel="nofollow">Buy now!</a>

I hope you will have a general knowledge about what DoFollow and NoFollow links are and why we should update our affiliate links to “Nofollow” after reading this post. If you have any ideas or questions, please leave comments.

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